Ta Da!

I did it! Welcome to my blog. I hope to post weekly with a recipe, meal idea, encouraging thought or truth I’ve learned. Maybe on a good week all of them!

When asked the question “What’s your ideal job?”, my answer is to be a mom most of the day and gourmet chef from 4-7 pm. So since I have no formal culinary education (although I think my purple ribbon for 4-H special foods counts for something) I will stick to serving my family of 4.

I don’t think I have a favorite food per se, but I love my mom’s meatloaf, Kathy Wetzel’s pad thai and anything Mexican!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog: may it bless your heart and encourage you to seek the One who created us to enjoy and glorify Our Maker.



5 responses

  1. Morning Tara, How fun to see your blog. Can’t assure you that we will check often because of being busy but hope to. I will let Kathy know since we have the same email/facebook. Enjoy feeding your family and feeding souls. Here is another idea you may pursue . I have thought of doing this for so long but probably never will. Develop a spiritual cookbook that corresponds to physical food. For example the main meal corresponds to spiritual meat. Perhaps appetizers to promises. Of coarse desserts to the sweet things of the Lord. With your creativity you may come up with lots and then Publish it. I will buy a copy if you actually do it!!!

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